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March 26, 2007




comments are incredible, people just don't get it.


wow, now I'm thankful we didn't have comments on the Web version of our articles when I was opinion editor at my college's paper. being able to say hateful things about fellow students without signing one's name to them -- yay, technology!


I think you should go along, and totally critique it afterward, and make your college paper publish the article to present a balanced view. You've totally GOT the ammo to point by point break down the arguments and expose their lack of truth-value. And you could refer to the letters they sent you too!

Writing such an article isn't really even about changing the minds of people who are into this sorta thing- it's about letting other students know that there ARE dissenting voices. That in itself is incredibly reassuring.


Did anyone else notice this line: "We are not advocating sexual activity for anyone who does not feel ready." This is the most revealing (and offensive) line in my opinion.
The implication is that postponing sex is for immature people, those who are just Not Ready Yet. Come back next year--maybe you'll be ready.


Wendy, that line is indeed infuriating.

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