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March 23, 2007


mary o'hayes

I like the skirts a lot.


That eyelet skirt is adorable! The clothes are attractive, work-appropriate, and reasonably-priced. I am heartened.

I have started making my own clothes again, which allows me greater control over materials and the lines of my garments. Lower and lower necklines are creeping into mainstream stores this year. Many shirts have necklines so low that they seem intentionally designed to require another (also low-cut) shirt underneath. I'm very petite and the distance from my shoulders to my cleavage is shorter than most women. I find myself wearing a form-fitting high-necked t-shirt under other things (the American Apparel Girly T and Old Navy Favorite T work particularly well for this, and their necklines don't scream "I'm a t-shirt!")

Even if I weren't interested in dressing modestly, dressing appropriately for work is very important.


I just wish manufacturers would make tshirts and tops LONGER, especially if they're gonna keep on this low-waist thing concurrently. Tops are always riding up and exposing my middle :(


Another source for modest clothing is vintage stores and vintage reproduction clothing. Some of Christa Taylor's clothes are definitely vintage inspired. (Her name really fits her, by the way!)

Check out this site for vintage repro swimsuits: http://www.revampvintage.com/index1.html


Wow, that is one cool site. I've seen their suits before but I didn't realize they had other clothing!


I only recently discovered this site and really like it. It's great to see stylish clothes that are also modest.


Another great site is www.sierrabrooke.com
The have stylish yet modest clothes for women and girls. I just love there selection of stuff. They have cute tops, skirts, and chic dresses. Check it out, you will love it!

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