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March 16, 2007



I can't help but think that once we get more information about a network that will air the show or find out the companies that will advertise during this series, we can really make a difference. By writing to networks and advertisers, we can let them know that they do not share our morals/values and we will no longer watch their entire network or buy any products from their stores. I do believe this is very effective. I receive the Parents Television Council (PTC) Weekly Updates (I don't even have children yet!) and they are very up-to-date on new, raunchy shows that come out. I think I actually found out about them on this site : ).Also, they send contact information for parents/citizens to voice their opinion and flaunt their buying power. Money is motivation in this day and age, and I know that we can scare the dickens out of them just by our threats to keep our children and friends away from their merchandise. It does take will power, though! I want to boycott the CW network because I think the stripping-with-clothes-on Pussycat Doll tryouts are uncalled for...however, I do like Smallville and Gilmore Girls...decisions, decisions.

If you read the PTC updates, you can hear about how advertisers pulled from the show Nip-Tuck because of buyer protests. We can do it, too!

By the way, to sign up for the PTC e-alerts, visit http://www.parentstv.org/ and click the icon on the upper left hand side.

Alexandra Foley

While this is vile and gross, I am pleased that it is the men who are virgins. I think the popular notion is that only women hold out (I was going to say "for marriage" but in this case they're holding out for ratings not rings) and that if a man is a virgin it is only because he can't find a women to sleep with him.

On the other hand, is there no bottom to the pit that has become television??


My thoughts? It makes me want to throw up. Ever since I heard about that Jane feature (a way back) it makes me ill to think about it.


Alas, I fear that Alexandra's point:

" that if a man is a virgin it is only because he can't find a women to sleep with him"

will be precisely the point of the show.

But perhaps I am too cynical.


I hate to say it, but I agree with Wendy here. I fear that this will be like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," but without the heart. Or the happy ending.


I got rid of my TV 3 months after my daughter was born, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I miss nature documentaries, but it's not worth having the shmutz around.


I get really frowny reading this stuff.

Why can't virgins be left alone?


I would guess (and hope) that many of the 'contestants' will not be actual virgins, but opportunists.


I read an article a few months ago by a male virgin who wanted to experience sex and ended up hiring a prostitute because he didn't think anyone would sleep with him.

His verdict?

I do not think I will necessarily choose to repeat the experience, although I have not ruled it out. Sexuality is more than just sex...

My experience...did not give me what I most want. I continue to hope that I may be able to establish a relationship with the right person. The same as any other "dude", as my older brother Tom would say, I want to be able to hold hands with someone, to love and be loved.


I hope that, if any man is fool enough to go on a show like that, he has the courage to speak as frankly about the emotional void that results from casual sex. It hits men too, even if many are too proud to admit it.


When I told my husband about this he asked me if these "celebrity women" were supposed to help the men find women with whom to lose their virginity, or if they were to help them lose their virginity themselves. He said it was basically prostitution if it were the second, and not all that far from it if it were the first. Either way would be a reason to ask affiliates not to show it.

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"I fear that this will be like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," but without the heart. Or the happy ending."

Tell you what, I never woulda watched this movie but I remembered your post when I was at the video store this weekend and we got it out, the first twenty minutes I wondered whether I should just cut my losses, life's too short to spend watching offensive, expletive filed movies, but then by the end I was in tears! It DOES HAVE HEART! I wanted to write to the filmmakers, way to sneakily present some sexual morality to the 15-year-old fart-joke crowd!

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