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February 07, 2007



It's nice that she made the top ten, I guess, but I think she should have won!

Maybe beauty competitions and modesty are inherently incompatible (at least in the judge's eyes anyway).


She looked like a blond Heather Whitestone to me. I thought she was very classy and was so glad when she made top ten!


Too bad there isn't a "Miss Modesty" pageant, but I guess a lot of people would have hard time reconciling being on national tv with modest behviour.

march violet

I agree.

Entering a beauty contest (the same idea as a 4h fair, except with women) to show off one's modesty to a national TV audience isn't an especially modest thing to do.


Here's my 2 cents....

There is nothing immodest about Miss Utah promoting modesty in a pageant!

It is vital that there are women seen on national televison modestly dressed in a situation where others typically are not!

That is where modesty needs to be promoted the most because young girls and teens look up to these women and watch what they do and how they dress!

I myself am a contestant in the Miss America system and my platform is Modest is the Hottest.

I give her 10 thumbs up and commend her on her wonderful accomplishment!


there is modesty and there is self-righteousness. be modest but don't preach about that - that's modesty.

elizabeth h

Katie seems like a lovely, intelligent girl. My concern is that when the emphasis is solely on modesty, that the essence of who we are gets lost. We then begin to judge a person's inner qualities by their modesty (with the assumption that those who are modest are better), then the true worth of a person gets lost. Modesty is not the only bar of morality and there needs to be a balance. That's my say.


I personally believe modesty is about who a person is and how they treat others, not what they wear. To demonstrate modesty through clothes seems very superficial and defeats the meaning.


it is amusing that a girl who professes to have high standards would judge others by the clothes!!!!

mary o'hayes

I don't get it....what is with people who have to argue about the most genteel, restrained show of support for modesty?

Penelope, I agree that modesty is not only determined by clothing. Nobody here at MZ would profess that. But clothing certainly does figure into it, and in a significant way. One's clothing is the outward sign of one's inner beliefs. There's nothing superficial about it. How on earth does modest dressing "defeat the meaning" of modesty? Or is day really night, and is black really white?

Katie, please show me one iota, one little scrap of evidence, that Miss Utah "would judge others by their clothes." Where are you reading that? What did she say that indicates she's judging others? Her statements in that article were about her own beliefs in dressing modestly. I read nothing judgemental in her statements. Did I miss something? Project much?


Katie, you seem to be very defensive about these articles by penelope and katie.
I don't necessarily agree with them, but I think they have a point. Clothes can be, but do not necessarily show whether one is modest in their hearts, which is where it counts. There is a fine line, and sometimes a self-righteousness about modesty can defeat the essence of it. Just my thoughts anyway.


Here's my idea, ok so do you have something aginst her standers?? Because i loved the way she dressed in it, she is my role model! so if you're just going to talk mean about her, don't leave it on this!


Please do not be so controlling. This is the whole point, each to their own. Good on Katie for her standards, but they are not shared by everybody. And everybody has a right to their opinions, including those who do not agree.


People, I think we're forgetting what this post was originally about. Katie was told NOT to wear the kind of clothing she wanted to wear because supposedly, she wouldn't do well in the competition. Mary pointed out that she made the top 10 by sticking to her guns; hence she's a role model. She's not trying to "control" anyone and to the contrary, if you can't even POINT OUT girls who are stepping out of line with the fashion industry and if those girls are seen as "controlling" just because of their conservative fashion choices, doesn't that prove the point that more modest girls DON'T seem to have the right to their opinions?!


come on everyone, each to their own opinions and the way they dress. there's room for everyone - it's a free country!!!


This is great! We get to hear what people feel. I think there's a time to be modest and a time to be sexy! Look at Marie Osmond, at times she is very conservative, but on Dancing with the Stars, she showed some leg and cleavage and it was appropriate for the occasion.


I saw Marie and thought she looked great!
She looked classy and sensuous, especially for a woman her age!

Paul Clutterbuck

Do cap sleeves really count as sleeves?

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