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January 25, 2007



Princeton Professor Robert P. George and Princeton alumna Christine Whelan (author of the recent book 'Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women') ...

The New York Times had an interesting piece on Sunday supporting this view:

"Statistics show that college educated women are more likely to marry than non-college educated women — although they marry, on average, two years later. The popular image might have been true even 20 years ago — though generally speaking, most women probably didn’t boil the bunny rabbit the way Ms. Close’s character did in 1987. In the past, less educated women often “married up.” In “Working Girl,” Melanie Griffith triumphs. Now, marriage has become more one of equals; when more highly educated men marry, it tends to be more highly educated women. Today, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver would live happily ever after.

"Women with more education also are becoming less likely to divorce, or inclined to divorce, than those with less education. They are even less likely to be widowed all in all, less likely to end up alone."


Hi Cassy!
This is a terrific blog! I am really looking forward to this conference, because being back on campus for just this past week has really reminded me how badly this message is needed at Cornell (and at any other campus, for that matter). See you there!

Erin P

This is FABULOUS, Cassy! I'll pass on word to Williams alums...wish I could make it myself. You're doing wonderful work. It's important to raise this discussion to an intellectual/public policy level. At the same time to pray for open hearts and minds to the speakers b/c this stuff hits on more than a purely intellectual level; people want to believe day-to-day true love and happiness grow out of making traditional moral decisions and sacrifices.

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