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January 15, 2007



I like the lyrics but the video is SO disappointing. Bascially an ad for everything Jennings seems to be against. But I realize artists don't always have total control over their videos.


Thanks for posting that, but yet again... I have to say I'm disappointed.

Exhortations to young women about keeping their sexuality modest is a message that's already out there, and I would say does have support (not enough, but it's there). When we consider that in much research girls enter sexual relationships at an age before they feel ready because, they say, they are afraid their boyfriends will leave them... there's a whole 'nother side to the equation IE BOYS!!! And the expectation that girls' place is to aquiesce to their 'all-dominating' and 'undeniable' sexual urges! that is not being addressed.

The GIRLS are telling us they WANT to stay modest! They're telling us by cutting themselves up, and starving themselves, and being depressed. I don't wanna be hyperbolic here but... well, no, the girls are cutting themselves up, it's not even hyperbole, it's just what's going on. Even those psychologically healthy enough not to succumb to these coping mechanisms still experience a lot of angst around it.

I'm at work right now, so I can't go into it much, but I will say I think I may wait a long time for a rap like "Yo young dawgs, keepit in yo pantz dang y'always wanna sex it, dem girls got ideas to keep your attention, gotta be anorexic". I'm gonna go now and spare you any further white girl rythmic stylings.


It comes across to me as a pretty accurate depiction of reality: girls dress like they do in the video and then wonder why guys look at them as objects for "relations" rather than affection. So the message is a good one, as far as it goes, but the next step would be addressing "why you draw that kind of attention in the first place," and I don't think you'll see that kind of music video coming from Hollywood. :-)


Yes, for all the sex ed they're getting, today's teens seem to be very divorced from any knowledge of the effect their bodies have on eachother. And what exactly is an appropriate way to deal with those effects!!


It takes a lot of self-worth and maturity for a young woman to let a boy go rather than try to hold on to him because he wants more than she is willing to give. One more reason to keep young girls away from dating. Why, though, is there no expectation (except in devout homes, perhaps) that young men behave like gentlemen and treat girls with respect and not like objects? Boys used to learn this important lesson from their fathers (many of whom, sadly, are not home anymore) and from the fathers of their dates (who were the scariest thing they had ever known before, especially when cleaning their rifles when the boy arrived to take their babies out to a movie.) The role of fathers of both boys and girls to prevent early sexual activity is critical and, unfortunately, lacking in our modern culture.


spudmom (of 6! Wow!)I could not agree more.


I really liked his message. It's very rare for a rapper to show respect to women and not only is he doing that but he's also telling her she doesn't need to give her body to someone to recieve their love.
Too many young women are brainwashed into believing that no man will love them unless they sleep with them. I used to think this way too, luckily God came into the picture before I made any mistakes

btw the video for the song is on Youtube Lyfe Jennings


is anyone else on this board a teenager? im 19. i think the perception of teens in the media is extremely skewed. but i think dating, in a sense, is a much better idea than random hook ups. even now, dating can be much safer, especially if the couple isn't too isolated.


It's sad--not only girls are giving it up too soon, they are paying for dates, driving boys around in cars and the boy don't even have to hold her hand anymore as teens--the only people holding hands are older couples--look at any amusement park--I hope girls don't have to give up their virginity for a guy to hold her hand today-but it seems like it to me--guys would go to someone else if she doesnt give it up

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