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January 10, 2007


To me it's about emotion and sincerity.


hi! this comment isnt really related to james brown at all, but to modesty in general.
I am a 14 yar old girl from sydney, and have been brought up in a way that most of you would think is immodest (judging my the opinions expressed here). For example, i wear short skirts, low cut tops etc. However, I have been wearing short skirts my whole life, and my parents have never objected. On the contrary, they bought the clothes for me and complimented me. Only recently have I realised that by dressing this way I present myself as somewhat sexy and appealing. I do not, however, have a problem with this. I like people complimenting me, I like the way my body looks in this clothing, and I like showing off the parts of my body that I like. Does this make me immodest or immoral?
Another example is the books i read. From a young age, I've always read books that some would deem to mature, but they were the only books that were up to my reading standard. I also enjoyed exploring and thinking about "mature" themes; sex, relationships, drugs, you name it. Also, as a member of the "MTV generation", I find that sex has been prolific in the media for my whole life. I'm not sure that my opinion on sex before marriage (its good, i don't have an issue with it) is a direct result of the media bombardment or just a personal choice, but does that make me an immodest or immoral person?
Sorry that this comment is long, and unrelated to this blog entry. After reading the content on this site I respect your decisions and beliefs, and I would really appreciate some comments, if possible.


Hi Ausgirl, Thanks for writing--you sound like a really thoughtful person and not immoral in the slightest! In any case the purpose of this blog is just to create a community and exchange ideas about issues that don't get discussed publicly--definitely not to judge people.

I will be happy to answer your question soon but first can you give me a bit more detail: is your opinion about sex before marriage at this point theoretical, or based on personal experience?

All best,


my opinion is theoretical, and not based on personal experience. but i guess maybe when i am faced with a decision, i will think about it more at the time to be sure that i am making the correct choice.


This was a man who was arrested repeatedly for domestic abuse. So maybe it's the fact that he got away with it for only $1,000 in bond. Find me someone else to admire, please.


ausgirl, please send another comment with your e-dress (which we won't post) or to my e-dress below, and then we can respond to you privately. Or if you want a public response then we can notify you when your question is answered. Thanks for visiting.

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