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December 30, 2006



"In this New Year, how will you say yes to modesty?"

1. To work harder at my sewing so that my clothes incorporate more beauty.

2. To watch my mouth, and not speak before thinking.

3. To speak up and defend goodness, truth, and beauty even when I would rather remain silent.

Will I be able to do this? I have no idea. It scares me. But even a little progress is better than none at all, I guess.


Can you have modesty without God?

Erin P


Great question...anyone else have thoughts?

It's my feeling that our sense of modesty and dignity does come from God, because if you believe that God created you, He knows you inside and out. Talents, flaws, and all. He knows the Person behind the looks, the achievements, the struggles when that may be all the world sees or counts as important.

And so I believe modesty grows out of that place (our souls) of *unconditional* love God has for each of us. The beauty of this modesty is that because we have that unconditional love, we don't feel coerced to behave and dress the way modern society tells us to feel attractive or good about ourselves or loved.

Hope that helps!


I don't think modesty has to be about God. While I'm a beliver, in the loosest sense of the term, I think that modesty is about showing respect for yourself. Personally, I don't want it "all hanging out" for just anyone to see-- I save the intimate aspects of my being, both physical and emotional, for someone of my own choosing.

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