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November 20, 2006



I remember looking for a formal dress for my senior prom, and this was the '80s, when everything was either strapless or sported those big poofy sleeves. I didn't really want to wear a strapless gown, but I really, *really* didn't want to wear big poofy sleeves and a full skirt that made me look like a fat bridesmaid (not that there's anything wrong with that, but I was a teenager, you know). So I wore a strapless dress. I looked stylish, but I was less than comfortable. I look at the formal dresses in stores now, and there don't seem to be even any *ugly* modest alternatives. Everything is halter-style or spaghetti-strapped or something similar. I would hate to be a young girl shopping for formals now. I hope this sort of business catches on.

Alexandra Foley

Thanks for this info, Mary. And just in time for Xmas. I love the "Laura." I have always had a hard time shopping for a "little black dress" and this one looks great. I'll let you know if I buy it and like it. Alexandra


The dresses are great but the website is just awful. They sacrificed usability for fancyness.


They are really nice but couldn't they make just one that isn't too clingy/or low-cut or short in length, or lacking sleeves? They are all nice but none is right for me. The 'Jane' is closest to what I would buy but spandex is so clingy. Does anyone else find spandex to be a problem in the chest area? Then if you order a larger size the whole thing looks wrong. Sigh.


I would also suggest beautifullymodest.com and modestprom.com. The latter has helps to makeover a dress to add sleeves and cleavage coverage, etc. A few years ago I added a shawl to a strapless gown; I sewed the ends to the front neckline and let the rest drape down the back (kind of looked like the cowls the PHds get with the graduation wear.) Having a dress that makes you conscious about how great you look instead of always worrying about what the rest of the world can get a glimpse of makes a big difference.


Well, their main website works fine. The dress website needs some work, I'm guessing the website imply had to be put up prior to the holidays, despite not being shipshape. They'll get it together. I wear camisoles or slips under spandex-type knits. That second layer takes away the clinginess and makes for a smoother line.


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Modest Prom Dresses

LatterDayBride.com has some good, modest prom dresses.


The article above is a plant by the Shade company. What formal wear??? Its just more t-shirts.


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