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November 02, 2006


Liz Neville

This type of "women's" center is getting so tiresome-- why don't they just call it the "The Pro-abortion, Open Sexuality Women's Center" and be done with this charade of representing all women? I admire Meghan's willingness to go directly to the source here and make her excellent case for a place that really reflects the varied interests and viewpoints of women at Harvard. But a center of that kind would be beside the point for the people who think *this* environment is the right way to serve Harvard women's population. Frankly, I don't believe they have any interest in serving Harvard women like Meghan, or any woman that disagrees with their thinly-veiled political agenda. Could it be that they truly believe that all women agree with their worldview, and if you dissent you are not authentically "female"? In any case they do seem to want to project this viewpoint as monolithic to the rest of the world, starting with all of Harvard's men.


When I was in college in the late 80's and early 90's, the women's centres on the campuses I attended weren't even SPELLED "Women's Centre" - it was always "Womyn's" or "Wimmin's" or something like that so that "man" or "men" wouldn't even be part of the word. I never checked out the "Womyn's Centre" at the University of Manitoba, but I know that by the early 90's at Queen's the centre there was just as full of free contraception and pro-choice literature as what you are describing at Harvard. (And the only way I know this was that it was located in the same building as the Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship and we had to go by it to get to our office!)

Frankly, as Liz says, this is getting a little old.

I never found the Women's/Womyn's/Wimmin's centres at any of the universities I attended to offer anything I was interested in. I went to university to study with and from BOTH men and women, not to be balkanized according to someone else's concept of my gender. Besides, the contraceptive/pro-abortion facilities were/are just as readily available at the Student Health centres. And feminism, in the sense of taking women scholars and scholarship seriously, was/is already well-entrenched on our campuses. So I wasn't really sure what the Women's Centre was exactly FOR. All I knew was it wasn't for me.


Wow! The Women's Center at my alma mater Spelman is not quite like those on other college campuses!

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