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October 20, 2006



I think the research is aware of charting. I read an article about the same research, I think the researcher wanted to know about woman who don't know anything about her outward fertility signs, and how she was responding to fertility subconsciously.

Shira Stanleigh

It seems to me that what they're expressing (according to the last paragraph for sure) is that according to contemporary"empirical data"-our understanding of fertility is elusive at best and now that some psychologists have discovered that some woman wear more inviting apparel when they ovulate-we can PERHAPS start to unpack the mystery that is the reproductive system.
Funny-I thought woman showing more skin was socially indicative, not anatomically...


That mystery has been solved for some decades and millions fo women and their doctors are aware and practice natural family planning sometimes called fertility awareness methods. The Billings Ovulation Method motto is “Knowledge that every woman ought to have”. The numerous signs and indicators a women’s body produces within her cycle is more then just for family planning, but also for proper medical diagnosis and better treatment of our sexual bodies without drastic measures. Toni Weschler the author of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" states this….

"It is unfortunate that the Fertility Awareness Method is even referred to as a method, because in reality, it should be seen as a fundamental life skill that all women should learn, just as they are now taught basic feminine hygiene. This is because the practical knowledge women glean from charting their cycles will aid them from puberty to menopause, and all life phases in between.
While this vital information has been slow to disperse into the mainstream, the good news is that things are finally starting to change. A grassroots movement has begun to spread among women everywhere, which I would like to think is reforming women's health one fertility chart at a time."

Billings site www.woomb.org

Taking Charge of Your Ferility


Alexandra Foley

I recently read about this study from another source and had to smile about it because it confirms what every other era has known but only this one requires an expensive study to find out: women's bodies are wired to make babies. Nature is a pretty powerful force and years of using the pill and convincing ourselves that having it all means NOT procreating doesn't mean that nature won't rear her fecund head.

I appreciate Renee pointing out that there are time-tested ways of estimating ovulation. I think with the advent of artifical birth control we put all our eggs (sorry for the pun) into that basket and lost a lot of our common sense (and all natural, hormone-free, dare we say "organic") methods for spacing children. I guess the difference is that when all we had was natural methods (which require some self-control), an openness to children was a necessary component.

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