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October 25, 2006


Kathy Olohan

Cassandra, this is powerful stuff that you are writing at 7:30 a.m.! Yesterday I received a letter from a student whom I taught at Lowell Catholic. He sent me a copy of "Crusade" after reading about your being from Stow, as I am. His comment: "Stow must have a lot of high-class Catholics!" I will pass your blog address on to all my children, friends, and former students with whom I still correspond. God bless you. I am so proud of you!


really excellent summary there. that view of courtship and real-life situations has always been what I have held to. but it's so hard to explain to others... thanks for tackling it!


The first couple dates for my husband and I were with my family on camping trips. The only "alone" time that we had during those times was sitting next to each other on the beach while my sisters whispered and giggled about how cute of a couple we were. It was months before we had a "real" date- he took me out to breakfast. But, the courtship model, which included spending lots of time with my parents and family, made us very grateful to finallly be alone on our wedding night.

I should also add that part of our courtship model included having our first kiss on our wedding day. It wasn't very hard to wait that long and increased the anticipation for the wedding. For a while, too, we could count every kiss we'd ever had in our lives.

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