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July 19, 2006



Taylor is too modest to say but the truth is, wherever she speaks kids yell out not just "we love you" but 'Taylor, you're my hero!"

I have to say that she is mine too.

And my grandparents live near Ravinia so I have the scoop: Taylor was actually the first female percussionist ever selected for the Jazz Scholars program.

Congratulations, Taylor! We are all so very proud of you.

liz neville

Taylor, you are just too much. You make me feel so lazy by comparison!! It's so great to hear about your accomplishments. Please keep us posted as often as you can. And thanks for what you are doing to promote real happiness in everyone whose life you touch.

Mary O

Taylor, I'm tired just thinking about all that traveling and activity! Good on you, you are definitely taking advantage of what life has to offer. Loved your concluding paragraph too! Wonderful to see abstinence tied to freedom, not to restriction. God bless!

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