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June 14, 2006


I think of Ann as more of a libertarian than a social conservative.

Jamie Salvucci

I love Ann Coulter! I hate the way she dresses, but it is part of her public persona. This is how she has always dressed, she is fully aware of the image she portrays.

She is pretty socially conservative and may have a bit of a libertarian philos. but she does not at all associate with the Libertarian Party. Actually can be a bit of a Republican hack (although not as much as some of the other conservative blonde bombshells)

PS and there is nothing wrong with knickers and hoops! ;)


The "morally conservative" tend to dress modestly, regardless of political ideology. Moral and political conservatism are not the same thing, although the values tend to agree. Ann Coulter's clothes may be her way of rebuffing those who think political conservatives have dull private lives, but it shouldn't be a reflection on her political views, or undermine any point she makes.

Mary O

For most people, if your clothing distracts from your message, then it probably does undermine any good points you have. But Ann is not most people. A cocktail dress on a morning talk show looks silly to me, sort of trying too hard to be sexy. But she's a master at PR and publicity, so she's definitely doing it intentionally.


I think Ann Coulter's costume is the least of my objections to her. I also think it's sad that when a woman speaks in any public capacity whatsoever, people tend to debate her appearance and not the substance of what she says. (In Coulter's case, I suppose they'd have to debate the lack of substance, but people are perfectly capable of doing that when it comes to male wonkers*.)

Speaking of dumb stereotypes, I'm reminded of something Chris Clarke once pointed out about Twisty Faster:** she's a hairless, humory feminist.

*That is not a typo. Please don't blame me for any infelicitous associations that may cross the minds of readers more immodest than I 0:)

**Not trying to name drop here; I just don't want to steal somebody else's hilarious one-liner that I wish I'd thought up. It's buried in some comments thread on I Blame the Patriarchy.


Ann Coulter does seem to go out of her way to prove that she isn't some old-fashioned schoolmarm type. Wearing a cocktail dress on the Today show *is* silly--especially in black. It actually makes it look like she was out partying 'til the wee hours of the morning and didn't have time to change. But honestly, I didn't notice the dress when I initially watched the video of the interview. Probably because Ann Coulter usually dresses that way. She's sort of a law unto herself.

What would be really great is showing the world that you can be conservative, modest and sexy simultaneously!


Ooooh, I hope that Modestly Yours' author/contributor Ambra Nykol weighs in on this one. After the Time cover story on Ann Coulter last year, she commented on Coulter's need for a stylist (and a haircut) on nykola.com, and I agreed with her completely.

Mary Margaret

"Ann Coulter's clothes may be her way of rebuffing those who think political conservatives have dull private lives, but it shouldn't be a reflection on her political views, or undermine any point she makes."

That's the whole point. What you wear says a LOT about you, like it or not. No matter how you slice it, her 'image' is often more hotly debated than her politics, and that's going to undermine whatever she says. I feel like most people don't take her seriously, and her way of dressing and presenting herself have a lot to do with that.

Samurai Sam

Mary Margaret,
I completely disagree. How one dresses does not say much about them at all. You remember "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", correct? The same idea applies here. What a person's clothes say about them depends entirely on the morals, biases and cultural understandings of the person doing the viewing.

Futhermore, regardless of whether or not her "image is more hotly debated than her politics" is true or not, it indicates a continued objectification of women that should be expunged from polite society. It shouldn't matter whether Ann Coulter wears a black dress, a sweatsuit or appears buck naked on TV; it's her ideas that should "say a LOT about her". Claiming that hers, or any woman's, looks say a lot about her "like it or not" is to tacitly embrace a medieval view of women as worth nothing more than their outward appearance. I find it incredibly distressing that you would treat such superficial and morally vacuous treatment of women as something so ordinary as to be unavoidable, "like it or not".

I find Ann Coulter's politics to be some of the most vapid, ignorant and downright fascist eliminationist rhetoric out there and I think it's a sad commentary on our culture that she's even given a mainstream media outlet to vent her bile. Nonetheless, her clothing choices really have nothing to do with her worth as a person. Even someone like Ann Coulter should be free to wear what she wants when she wants without having her worth or her femininity questioned.


My, what an interesting way to read into such a few sentences. Her worth as a person was never in question. Please. Her choice of clothing and subsequent attention for that clothing was in question.

If you dress in a way that draws attention to yourself, you're going to get it. I didn't realize this principle of cause & effect was so very medieval.

Deny it all you want, we all dress in a way that says something about us. We want others to assume something based on our clothing, or we would wear something else. Same goes for any celebrity. Couter does indeed want to say something with her clothing, probably, as the original poster mentioned, that she is bucking all stodgy old conservative stereotypes. That’s up to her and she has all the right in the world to do so. If she didn’t know it said something about her ‘image,’ than she wouldn’t bother.

You want a ‘superficial and morally vacuous treatment of woman?’ Consider a society where the women who can get their viewpoints heard are the usually the ones who are only attractive and dress to get attention. Do I like it? Of course not. But that is the society that we do operate in, and saying that the way she dresses is completely a nonissue (or a sexist fascist whatever) is something I’m sure she herself would disagree with.

Suddle D

How much more ignorant and hateful can a person be? I love it how a person like that thinks they are doing the right thing but actually are doing the Devil's work....way to go...(to hell)

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