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April 12, 2006




Just 3 words: Good for you!

Amy F.

Way to go, Lillers! Straightforward, mature, thoughtful, honest -- excellent way to handle an obviously difficult situation. I admire you for it. And, you know you can trust yourself to recognize when the proper answer will be a "Yes."


That is a great story! I feel like I was there -- in fact, I have been. But I don't think I always had the presence of mind to act in the manner and with the grace that you did, Lily. I wish I could look back now and be proud that I never let some non-committal guy have a piece of my heart. Live and learn. Congrats, Lily.


I applaud you on your good choice. Someday you're going to have enough happiness to make up for this ten times over. :)


Good on you for sticking up for your values! (Also, good on him for having the maturity to tell you the truth. But only you get the exclamation point.)


Wow, congratulations Lily! I'm sure it got really difficult at some point during that evening yet you handled the whole thing with such grace. AND, you stuck to your principles. Way to go!

You sure are worth waiting for -- and I know someone who will see that is going to come along into your life. In the meantime, forget the guys who offer you nothing more than a "no-strings-attached" relationship.

Liz Neville

Lily-- you knock me out. What a brilliant way to handle such a difficult moment. You made a very smart move.


Congratulations Lily!
I bet somewhere out there is your soulmate waiting for you.

Best wishes!


funny you should mention in your other entry about dating someone who hates cats while you love them... my boyfriend loves cats (and animals in general) and I am pretty much deathly allergic to them.

we just make it work I suppose :)


I take issue with R.B.'s assessment that Shane was exhibiting maturity... What Shane was exhibiting was self-centered, 'my way or the highway', immaturity. And my compliments to you for deciding what your values were in advance so you had a basis for making a truly mature decision at 'crunch' time.


Erin P


Thank you for sharing. No loving, lasting relationship can begin with disclaimers. I'm happy you recognized this truth and put it ahead of your own desires (in a sense). There's no such thing as "casual dating" because we _are_ whole people -- mind, body, soul, and lots of heart.


Lots of three-word praises are in this blog: "Good for you!" "Way to go!" I'll add mine, Lily: "You're worth it."


WOW...that gives a whole new meaning to deal breakers and your previous post...

It is funny that he can essential know so much about you - religious differences and sexual ideology ,but yet be unable to put so little of it into real life context. Almost as if he wasn't taking you or your values seriously and that is definitely a deal breaker.

So congrats to you for standing up for yourself! You don't know how many girls wish they could do the very same thing....


great thoughts and decision. that soul-mate out there will be proud and thankful one day. hang in there, girl!!!



I can only add my congratulations to what the other ladies here have said, but I know this was a painful situation for you, and I sympathize. You have shown true value for yourself as a creation of God, not a plaything, and I salute you for it. Yet one thing stuck out to me in your entry, and that was your description of "Shane" as a "wonderful person." I don't know this young man and so some might call me unfair, but I just can't consider a man who would evidently be casually prepared to dump you at the end of the summer, after he'd had his fun, as either a wonderful person or someone you'd want to retain as a friend...not to mention a gentleman. No woman should ever allow her heart to be treated that way, and you didn't, and I thank you for your example.

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