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March 16, 2006



you gotta slow down girlfriend! it's wonderful what you're doing but don't forget to stop and smell the flowers. high school is also for good times.

Erin P


I think it's great you're speaking to some of the big wigs on Capitol Hill about funding abstinence programs in the schools - when I read that, it gave me such a warm feeling inside. You're a real face and a living example for those programs. I think it's wonderful. And keep singing & doing what you love!

With love, Erin


What I know of Taylor, she does smell roses, and enjoys the lovely moments of life! With her sensitive and observant spirit she spreads a wonderful contagion -- smiles and hope! She's busy, but she's a wonderful and dedicated, smiling spirit! I receive inspiration from her life, as do soooooo many of her peers.

Mary O'Hayes

Good job, Taylor! Great to see an alternative to the MTV/Hollywood culture. There's quite a discussion going on over at Booker Rising about this:



Hey Taylor This yo lil sister ebony and you spread the word very good keep doing that and you will be succesful in life.By the way you are really talented


I MISS U Taylor

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