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March 27, 2006


Alexandra Foley

Ah, Liz. I feel your pain -- on a daily basis. I can hardly stand taking my kids anywhere these days because of the pornographic wallpaper, as you aptly put it. One thing I think that we can do is to make our kids music snobs. I know most will accuse me of indoctrinating my kids, but so be it... When our girls started being cognizant of music we asked them whenever we heard what I would consider bad music if they liked it. They would readily turn their noses up at it – much to our delight. Now they have absolutely NO taste for any rock music. I have to warn you though that this does have its drawbacks. Now when I want to listen to any “bad music” (hey, I’m human and I was raised on the stuff) I have to do it when there are no kids in the car. Otherwise I hear a chorus of, “NO! Not bad music!!”


What I'm afraid of, Elizabeth, is that some day in the near future, most people not only won't know the difference between "sacred" and "profane," but won't even acknowledge the qualities those words purport to define.


more articles/blogs like these, more people speaking out in wholehearted agreement to these principles, more people living out in daily life their talk, more people having changed hearts that are only recieved from the Creator of woman and modesty and femininity. it's a tough road to reform and redemption, but i believe is indeed possible!


Courage. Courage to speak out and risk disagreement-- like you have done with this post. Courage to ask people to turn something off. Courage to ask that the book be put down so a child doesn't have to partake in an adult's depravity on an airplane. Courage to request that others be kind. Kindness is respecting the dignity of a child -- and our culture is smashing into childhood with a destructive bulldozer. Overall, people have to have a culture of conscience and respect -- and it takes respectful and thoughtful courage to create a respectful and thoughtful culture.

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