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March 22, 2006


Wendy Shalit

Hi Mary,

I heard them this past August and they were excellent--the pair gave an extremely powerful presentation. I would add that you don't have to be Catholic to find their perspective valuable.

In short, if anyone ever has a chance to hear them, go for it!


I heard them speak at my high school during my sophomore year. At the time they were about three months away from their wedding date, so they really were speaking about what they practice.

I really enjoyed their speech. Part of their message didn't really hit me until later... I suppose that it needs to sit in one's mind a bit. They are very talented speakers, so this certainly won't be "just another chastity talk." And because they have some real life experience, their message has some practical credibility. Overall, a wonderful experience.

Shawn Grubbs

Haven't had a chance to see them live, but I saw their presentation on DVD. It was excellent.


Jason spoke at my highschool this year...he was amazing! His talk was so inspirational and you can relate with him because he's young, not to mention pretty cute. He made us laugh the whole time while still sending the message across. =]


My Psychology class watched the video of Jason's and Crystalina's talk and it really got through to me. It touched me.

Cornelius Gordyn

Hi there could you please tell me where we can get your books & DVD's in Australia PLease.

God bless your vocation


You can get their materials at www.pureloveclub.com

Michael Blaskowski

What is Jason Everts Email... I Have Some Questions For Him To Answer... Its For A School Report

Binoy A. Mathew

Hi Everyone, GOD is indeed great!

I'd come across Jason and his wife through EWTN and what an inspiration. Now my wedding has been finalized (Sept '09) and requesting for all your Prayers.

I remember Jason had said a quote from a Saint (in one of the EWTN shows) that he told his wife, about wedding, that, the both of them would help each other get to Heaven. I was wondering if someone remembered the exact quote and the Saint... it would be great if you could mail it at binmath88(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Thank you very much...

Binoy A. Mathew

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