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March 22, 2006


Wendy Shalit

Rashida, your father sounds like such a special man. I'm sorry that I never got to meet him, but having met you, I can say with confidence that you are definitely carrying on his legacy.


Rashida, your love for your father is very poignant, and inspiring. For girls who may have not had a loving father, they can take encouragement from your wise and loving words -- caring men, loving fathers DO exist.

Rashida's father's inspiring love and melodies speak through Rashida's voice, through her melodies and love too. She is and will continue to be as encouraging and inspiring as her loving parent.

If you haven't checked out her recordings, I highly recommend it!

I see on


that Rashida is getting a TON of listeners!!

Rashida -- I am so encouraged by young talented musicians such as yourself -- keep singing! :-)

Dr. Richard (Tony) Williams


If your grandma Kitty lived on Shephard St in DC, we are related...

I had no idea Nobby died and I guess I need to contact Willie.

I haven't spoken to them in over 30 years

Please hit me back whenever possible.

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