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February 24, 2006


DK Jones

My husband and I belong to a Gold's Gym...and there are some very serious people who work out there...I don't think I have ever seen anyone wear anything that was beyond form fitting. These people are serious and want serious comfort, serious support and to be take seriously by the other people there. Now granted there are times of day that we avoid going to workout - we call them the social hours- when its about seeing and being seen...and those times too are when we see more spandex and sports bras. You can see what you are working with or against with out bareing it all...

Mary O'Hayes

I'm relieved that these days that women are no longer wearing "fanny floss" unitards over tights, which was fashionable in the 90's. That look definitely showed too much. Blechh!

Liz Neville

Beautiful bodies look just as beautiful when the proper amount of skin is covered. When I see men or women in absurdly skimpy clothes, I just think they are there to "be seen" and dismiss them as not serious about working out.


I belong to a very inexpensive gym that's popular with local college students who live off campus. The women there are starting to drive me batty. One young lady wore a tank top that showed her breasts halfway down to her nipples, and no sports bra. I watched it slip further...and further down...if I couldn't help but look, what about the men and lesbians in the gym?

Others wear tight tank tops and extremely short shorts. Often their shorts are halfway down their hips and leave very little to the imagination.

During my last trip to the gym, I fantasized about finding somewhere a little more serious...or maybe an all-female gym that's not something like Curves, but that has serious workout and weightlifting equipment. A fantasy in this city, i guess.


L.B., I work out at home with five sets of dumbbells and an aerobic step. That's all I need to work out nine different muscle groups, heart and lungs. (Check out the book Body for Life to see the various exercises.)

I've preferred working out at home because it's free, there's no commute, and I don't have to wait for someone to finish using the equipment I need. Now I have another reason: I don't have to use a bench that's been used by someone wearing "extremely short shorts."

Erin P

Hey, I'm a new convert to Curves:) and I have to say...I kind of like it. It's not a hard-core workout if that's what you're looking for, but it feels REAL to me...we're all real women in there, no one masquerading in revealing outfits. Because there are no men to impress.

I'll say this though about big gym culture - I'm not one to wear tight or trendy things to the gym, but at the same time, I never felt quite right in my scrubby sweats and long-sleeved shirt, which I wore many times. I found myself thinking more consciously about what I'd wear to the gym and who would see me in it. But maybe this is my litmus test: Am I comfortable in it? Am I doing what I can to look good, feel good but not attract men twice my age? Well, you can only do so much:)


When using proper form to lift weights, it's helpful to see one's body. I'm not saying that it's necessary to see cleavage, but it is helpful to see that your pelvis is tilted under (so as not to injure your lower back), your knees are slightly flexed, and your shoulders are relaxed.
When I am concentrating on lifting for a particular region (for instance, the back), it's helpful for me to see the muscles which I'm exercising.
My point is that there are practical and motivational reasons for "revealing" certain areas of the body. But there's certainly no need to show any cleavage - no athlete wants to be bouncing around when she's trying to get in a good workout.

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