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February 28, 2006



Hi - just had to make a couple of comments.

If you continue to attend events outside of the pop mainstream, it will become apparent that many people do not adhere to the dress styles promoted by the popular culture industry (and yes, it is an industry). Symphony concerts are a great place to start. If one is involved in university life, high school and various occupations, the pop culture is very strong, but once one ventures away from these spheres, there is less miniskirt and tube top wearing! And thankfully, fashions are changing a bit now, and becoming less ridiculous.

As a musician I have to commend you on your analogy about the triangle - but have to point out that someone who plays the triangle in the orchestra is probably one of the most diverse players there, because no-one simply plays the triangle. Those who do are actually percussionists, who play a number of instruments ranging from the timpani to the xylophone, including all drums, bells, maracas, chimes, etc. If you can whack it or shake it or rattle it, a percussionist must know how to play it - and they have to be able to play the triangle too!

So even though the person playing the triangle at any moment may seem not to be doing much, he is actually more diverse and able to take up and play more instruments than the person who only plays the violin or trumpet!

Just like those of us who choose not to follow the pop culture - though our clothing might single us out as triangle players, doing one little thing, we are far more diverse and play many more tunes than those who just live to dress and be like J Lo or Brittney or whoever the pop industry has dictated is to be the idol of this week.


Now if we could only get church going folk to embrace that same dress code.


Had to mention one more aspect of the triangle , having played one myself.
This insignificant instrument actually requires a lot of practice, because if we strike it at the wrong beat, the whole melody goes wrong.It takes hard work to make every insignificant thing beautiful. Probably one day there'll be a pop-artist whose hardwork as a singer will speak more than the clothes they wear.

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