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January 03, 2006


Christine (Rambling GOP Soccer Mom)

Good for you! Girls need to learn that their bodies can't get them what they want (in the way society tells them it can). While flipping through channels, I noticed the "101 Hottest Bodies of 2005" on one channel. (That you probably have to choose between about seven or eight that would air is sad, isn't it?)

Hubby and I watched it for a few minutes, and I was really saddened by the attitudes of these people. The one I saw in full was Jessica Biel, from Seventh Heaven fame. The featured celebrity commentators were all excited because she started dressing sexier and did some really "hot" spreads in some magazines to show off her body. THAT, they all agreed, was how she jump-started her movie career.

Compare that with Reese Witherspoon, who refuses to do nude scenes or anything too immodest (her reasons given are that she doesn't want to be known as "that actress who used to be so pretty" when she's older, but I suspect there's more to it than that). Reese wants parts based on her talents. Some women get them based on their bodies, though. Then, when they are older, and less attractive to see in the nude, they complain that there aren't any really good parts. Well, sister, the parts you had in the past weren't all that great, and the women who keep their clothes on are still getting calls.

Halle Berry might have gotten an Oscar for her nude-scene-included-front-and-center movie, but once she can't bare it all, will she still get calls?

Mary O'H

I think Mahatma Ghandi said that, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Excellent advice.

The changes I would like to see in the world in 2006? A shift away from sleazy attire to respectful attire. An appreciation for the immortal soul within and for the body which houses that immortal soul. A change in societal thinking so that we support and promote marriage and families and children, instead of thinking that unwed parenting is OK and people don't need to be married. (As someone who married late in life, marriage beats the single life by a million miles!) A change in our society so we Americans recognize what we have in common and we work together to make this country (and the rest of the world) even better. A change in our mindset so that we are grateful for the freedoms and rights we have, and we unapologetically defend and promote that which is good.


Hi Taylor,

It is always a treat for me to read your posts here, and I get a dose of inspiration from knowing what you're doing on the other side of the world to let people know that there is another way of thinking, living and doing things.

You're right -- despite the negative things that have been happening around the world, it is a great time to be alive! And as we know, something good always comes out of perceived tragedies. What I'd like to see this year is more peace and contentment in the hearts of people, thereby hopefully resulting in more peace around the world. Also, it sure would be wonderful to have people (girls and women especially) realize their true worth and appreciate this so that it translates to a more dignified way of acting, dressing and speaking. =) The world would definitely be a better place henceforth, and I'm sure the men (many of them at least) would follow suit!

Happy new year!


P.S. "Be the change you want to see in the world" is one great principle to live by. =)

Giovanni Muhammad

Peace Be Unto You,

Sis, I would like to commend you for being a "Champion" for our young sisters. It is so very hard to live a modest life in a world of ignorance, but most importantly I must thank Almighty God for allowing me to get up and read your article. Almost six months ago Allah (God) inspired me to create a program called C.L.E.A.N TEEN Incorporated, it stands for Correct, Loyal, Eager, Ambitious, Networking Teens. Now the foundation for the program is Moral Excellence, but the funny thing is that I have been taking my sweet blessed time in completing the final steps to get the program up and running. But this morning (01/05/06) after getting off from work, I was so tired that I fell asleep but as I was sleeping Allah was saying "GET UP AND GET BACK ON IT". He said go to your computer, there is a message for you. So I'm thinking e-mail, but as soon as I turned on my computer my homepage pops up(BlackElectorate), and lo and behold there was your article- you were doing the very thing that I was inspired to do right here in Columbus, Ohio. So I say to you my sister; thank you for your article and don't loose focus, hopefully by the summer of this year C.L.E.A.N TEEN will be up and running so that we can bring you in to speak to the young sisters here in Columbus, Ohio. Please feel free to contact me at g_muhammad@wowway.com.

Your Brother and Servant,

Brother Giovanni Muhammad
Columbus, Ohio


Dear Taylor,

Thank you so much for writing this blog! I'm so encouraged to hear that your peers are more receptive than mine have been! That is wonderful sign that times are changing for the better. Keep up the great work! And I do very much look forward to more blogs from you. Your voice is so important in helping girls make choices for real love, not abuse and misuse.

Please write again soon!

Liz Neville

Taylor-- you are truly a leader, and that takes lot of guts. I'm cheering for you from NJ!

Deara Okonkwo

Dear Taylor,

I really enjoy reading your blogs, very enriching and straightforward. Keep up the amazing young work lady. You are indeed a blessing from God and you help me believe in my morals even stronger. I am also an advocate of abstinence until marriage. I wear 18 jigidaas (ji-gee-daahs) around my waist to symbolize my body as a holy temple. My mother places one on me each year on my birthday and when I am married my husband will remove them. It is part of my Nigerian tradition. I teach it to the young girls in my community too (DeDe Dance Studio) and several of my peers now where them to follow in the abstinence movement.

I hope to meet you some day. I am spreading the word about you in South, LA.

Taylor Moore, the world will indeed know your name.

Happy New Year 2009!! Smile.


knight gold

Taylor-- you are truly a leader, and that takes lot of guts. I'm cheering for you from NJ!

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