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December 25, 2005


Erin P


Beautiful reflection...happiness is definitely more than the pleasure principle at work. Maybe happiness isn't about "earning" or "conquering" something (or someone for that matter) and the resulting satisfaction we feel. Maybe it has more to do with receiving people and experiences with gratitude and wonder.

Alexandra Foley

I love your reflection on happiness, Nene. The pursuit of happiness is one reason I love Aristotle's Ethics because it shows us, in a secular way, how happiness is achieved through virtue. You take it one step further and link it the reciprocal love with God. Beautiful.

A great movie that shows the path to happiness (and is hilarious) is Groundhog Day. The protagonist, Phil, is exceptionally unhappy and tries to find contentment in all the wrong places. Finally he stumbles upon the development of virtue and finds true happiness. I always like to think that eventually Phil finds God's love, too.

Liz Neville

Nene- well said, and appreciated!


Dear Nene,

I absolutely love your insight!! When you wrote "The traditional definition of happiness has generosity at its core unlike the more modern definition which has self-fulfillment (which often leads to selfishness) at its core." You captured in one sentence an approach to life that can help people rise out of despair! Your insight is so succinct, yet rich with meaning. (Since brevity is not my strength, I admire those who have powerfully, pithy sentences!) I do hope you write more on that concept, as I'm sure you have many beautiful insights to share. For someone so young, you are wonderfully wise!

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