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December 06, 2005



Excellent points, all. Kids do seem more open to advice based on pragmatism than morality. There's no shortage of sound reasons for young people to postpone sexual activity, both for their physical and mental health now and in their future. To name a few: herpes, crabs, pregnancy, other venereal diseases, increased risk of suicide. Conditions that young people then have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

Maybe that "repressed, old-fashioned morality" of earlier generations was a LOT smarter than some think.


Thank you Lakita, you are right. The greatest opposition comes from adults. Sometimes, when I speak similar thoughts about my own choices, not even expecting the listener to make the same choice, I am the recipient of anger, often from women, and the anger is very revealing. It is a window to the pain they face for choices that are very hard to reverse. It is far easier to be angry, than to regret.

Thank you for your great piece!


Hi Lakita,
I just happened to stumble across this website today, and although I disagree with most of your points, I do find it interesting. However, if you're going to make claims such as, "People engaging in premarital sex usually report that it is not wonderful." I would ask that you include some sort of statistical verification. I have many girlfriends, and all of them have engaged in premarital sex. Most all of them have wonderful sex lives that they fully enjoy. Those that don't, are single. I acknowledge and respect your opinions, really I do. But I think it would appropriate to support your claims for those who do read this blog as a guide or support.

Deborah Burt

Well said, Lakita!

I read about you this morning in Wendy's Good Girl Revolution, and googled you :) You Tube is amazing: I very much enjoyed your appearance on the 700 Club! I also thought you did a wonderful job on Politically Incorrect, even though you were treated so badly.

You speak the truth when you say it is the adults that are so contrary to the message of abstinence. Isn't it weird? I feel for this generation who has no protection from the grown-ups around them. It makes me want to go and be a mama for them all.

I would LOVE to talk to you sometime!


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