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December 08, 2005


Happy to Know

I am happy to know that the world over is beginning to see the light, and writing about it. That is encouraging! Clearly, the whole "free sex" movement is finally revealing it self to be exactly what it is--a great way to destroy your emotional health and contract a disease.

Erin P


Great blog - great article. Thanks. I have 4 comments (at least:).

1) Here's what the writer says to close the article:

"The Government may be helping to prevent pregnancies, but they're inviting a tidal wave of sexual diseases and an epidemic of the most intolerable affliction known to man, the broken heart.

What preventative measures will the Government come up with in dealing with the brokenness that comes with premature loss of innocence?"

Enough said.

2) Why is it always about the need to Control Women's Fertility like it's the plague? Why is the word pregnancy usually described as a problem? No wonder why women feel bad about themselves and how they're made...I resent and resist the idea of these injections.

"How It Works
Depo-Provera works in three ways:

--It prevents the ovary from releasing an egg.
--It thickens the cervical mucus so sperm cannot travel up into the Fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg.
--It makes the lining of the uterus very thin so a fertilized egg cannot implant."


Does this sound right to you? Does this sound healthy?

3) SEASONALE - Don't get me started. Their motto: "Fewer periods. More possibilites." Sure you "get the convenience of 4 periods a year", but honestly if women were made, intended to have their periods once a month, what makes us think we should interfere with that natural biological process? Why not find a way to eliminate our periods all together and then we can really be "as free" as men?

4) These injections do not teach responsibility to young women and men. They are actually disempowering and a world without a little self-control is, well, a scary world.

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