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December 10, 2005


An admirer--

Taylor--wow, you certainly cram a lot of accomplishment into a year. Congratulations and many blessings to you--


Taylor, you are incredibly accomplished for a 16-year old. Keep at it! Your mom obviously raised you right. I'm curious about the reception you get from your peers on abstinence. Do your fellow students seem open and supportive of the message? Or do you get scorn and disbelief? Please tell us more about your experience in high school these days.



Congratulations for a very meaningful year! It is edifying to hear of people like you making the most out of the time you have.

The "dream keepers and dream haters" message you mentioned struck me. Do you think you could email me a copy of it? I'd like to put it (or an excerpt) in my blog if that's ok with you. Dr. King is one of the persons I deeply admire. =)

Keep up the good work!


P.S. My email addy is sunnyday1898@yahoo.com, if you decide to send me the abovementioned message, or if you just want to drop me a line and say 'hi!' =)

Erin P


Happy sweet 16 - look at what you've done, shared, and spread all before you can even drive a car...excellent! More to come, no doubt...I am truly amazed. God bless!

Jeannine Kellogg

Dear Taylor,

Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments, and thank you for leading such an inspiring life! Your impact is already far reaching.

I too would love to read about your "dream keepers and dream haters". If there is a link to it, can you insert it in the blog? Or perhaps share it in one of your postings?

Also, your recording, "I'm worth waiting for", please do let your growing list of fans know where to pick up a copy!

I'm sure your mother and grandmother on your 16th birthday were so very very proud of you, you are a great blessing.

Keep up the great work,


Meghan Grizzle


I am so impressed and encouraged. I know that you are changing minds and hearts and I just want to say keep up the good work, no matter how difficult it is. God is on our side. :-)


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