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December 14, 2005



Dear Rashida,

Your father was clearly a wonderful man, and your thoughts reveal that you and your family have many beautiful memories with a great father. What a cherised blessing.

I do send new friendship your way, from way far away, as you are exactly right...holidays can bring heartache from those who we miss so deeply. Our friends, old and new, help us through those heartaches...

Thank you for sharing with us the man behind your musical inspiration, and your strength. And thank you also for sharing your message, your music, his music with so many.


Rashida-- blessings and best wishes to you. I too lost my father this year, so I sympathize with you on your loss. I would like to have known your dad. How important fathers are in women's lives.

Thanks for your post and all the best for a joyful holiday season.

Mary O'H

Rashida, how sad that you lost your Dad at an early age (for both of you). Yet you're lucky to be in a big family. I'm also from a big family (10 kids), and although we fought a lot as kids, we just get closer and closer with each passing year. The cousins all get along like crazy. I love your father's name, Noble, I imagine there's a story behind who gave him such a distinctive name. I hope that you and your family have a derful Christmas. Dad's looking down, and he doesn't want to see anyone feeling bad!

Teira Doom

Hi Rashida,
I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I went to Howard with him and I was in a band with him. He was a very kind and sincere musician who diligently pursued his goals. The great thing about us as musicans: our souls are forever from the gift of music that we leave behind.

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