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December 06, 2005



You are right! Those dates are not worth the seat they are sitting on. But even more so, I would say the producers and promoters are not worth the seat they are sitting on. Nor are they worth the paycheck they receive. And if the producer is a parent, I find it hard to believe their child takes pride in their parent's career--it's not like having a parent who is actually creating some value in the world, or at least trying to.


Yes this is sad and in need of remedy. Perhaps young women need to return to charm schools to relearn the forgotten art of being "pleasantly" feminine?!

Greg Feirman

Hey Tzippy,
LOL! Yes, ElimiDATE is pretty scary. I should point out that sometimes there is 1 girl and 4 guys who compete for a date with her.

When the guy is the chooser, it seems to me, the woman he ends up picking is usually a weighted function of looks and sluttiness, weighted towards the latter. In other words, if you are really good looking and are willing to put out a little, you can win against a less good looking but sluttier competitor. If you are the rare contestant, however, who is unwilling to put out, you will almost without exception be eliminated. Also interesting, if a woman is way too over the top, baring herself and showing absolutely no subtlety about what will happen if she gets picked, she usually gets eliminated as well. The "ideal" contestant, then, is good looking and willing to put out a bit with the not too subtle implication of the possiblity for more were she to win. Keep that in mind if you decide to give it a shot ;) Needless to say, intelligence and character usually count for nothing.


Thanks Greg for pointing out the 'other side', and specifying more of the show's procedures which I'm really not familiar with. I've only ever watched it in passing, and that's been enough for me to know that I'd gain no satisfaction in watching more of it. I definitely don't plan to give the show a shot though, if I'm going to seek to be an 'ideal' anything - I'll just stick with competing with myself, where intelligence and character count for everything ;-)

Paul Clutterbuck

Maturity is about recognizing that it's what's inside that counts. A mature guy will recognize that girls who show signs of hypersexuality aren't fit for marriage, because they're more likely to be unfaithful. Once that message starts getting about, it might shake some girls into a realization of what it really takes to make a man want to commit.

Cuckoldry is one of man's oldest fears, though it seems to have mostly disappeared in the last fifty years along with female modesty. I don't want to spend my life and precious resources raising another man's children, unless it's my choice to do so through adoption or something similar. Nor do I want a wife who feels she'd be better off with someone else.

Personally, I find I get embarrassed whenever I'm in the company of hypersexual women, especially when they dress provocatively. I won't stand for swearing either. I'm much more attracted to women who have the self-respect to think, speak, act and dress with decency.

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