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December 15, 2005



May I be the first to repond and say-- well said. Brava!!



First of all, congratulations on your wedding! That is wonderful! Similar to you, a strong father and grandfathers are my strength behind my decision to be loyal to one man, and the decision has kept me free from deeper pains that so many women subject themselves to. There are great men in the world, and they are worth waiting for. The rest are better left behind.

I also loved your comparison to hiring a new employee versus the lack of personal information most women accept when letting a man be with her.

You are a wonderful example to so many, so please do write more!


Thank you so much for your remarks. You are an incredible example to any woman, and I only wish I had heard you speak when I was in high school...instead of a middle-aged woman who heard you in March 2006 at Battle Cry San Francisco. I was overwhelmed! You are funny, brilliant and straight-talking! We need more of you. I've written of my positive experiences to and requested your presence on ABC Nightline, Oprah and several other programs. Hoping that some take the initiative and highlight you and your message. American youth AND adults need it! Thanks, Lakita.

angela ford

I just wanted to say to lakita, congradulations on your marriage i pray God's blessing upon u and your husband and your little boy.

and to say thank you for your story on how u waited until marriage, I'm 42 years old and i'm still a virgin. i really thought that i was alone being a virgin i still get teased about being a virgin and people trying to hook me up with their male friends and at one poiint i really was going to throw in the towel because i got tired of waiting on God, But then God always reminds me of the vow i made to him at 12 years old that i would not have sex until marriage. u have boosted my faith in God know that good things come to those who wait on God.

be blessed


Hi Lakita,

I just saw a you on NBC's Today Show. You were excellent and I plan to purchase your book for my daughter and youth group at our church. I have been married for 23 years and have a daughter who is 19. She is a sweet girl and is currently dating. I think your book will be helpful. Keep teaching and sharing the truth. You have a beautiful spirit and I know for a fact that deep down inside... most women agree with you. I could go on and on but I won't. I'll keep you in my prayers and more folks need to hear what you are saying... even in our churches (that's coming from a Pastor's wife). God bless and I hope to see more of you.

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