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November 26, 2005



Thank you for the encouragement to all of us! Encouragement and frienship is always needed--thank you! Stepping forward to do what is right, and to follow what makes sense, and to pursue what is meaningful, can put us in the "line of fire" and being in the line of fire can get discouraging at times. But like you said, we can turn discouraging moments into motivation! Thanks!

rachel v. hudson

Rashida when spoke at my school Foster Park on the southside of chicago we loved you. you were so real that you really got the your point across to us. you were very funny and had me and my friends laughing so hard.we wish you could have spoke at the 8th graders graduation that would have been so great.you have even heard me sing before.my name is rachel v. hudson.you are a very great motivational speaker.please come again and bring your sisters with you i hope they are as funny and as nice as you are!! thankyou for coming to my school.you inspired me to always be who i am even more.i hope you see this and write back.

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