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November 29, 2005



It is a bit sad to me that any woman gets a boob job (unless you've had a mastectomy, that I somewhat understand). Be happy with what God gave you! But for young women to be getting breast implants strikes me as nothing short of societal child abuse.

Why would anyone allow their daughter to undergo surgery, with all its inherent risks, for something so trivial? False breasts don't look or feel like the real thing. Get padding if you want more of a silouette. But surgery to implant pastic pads with silicone solution into a young body? As if that will make someone a better or happier person?

There's such a disconnect between what makes people happy and fulfilled (love, respect, God, giving) and what our modern society says will make us happy (big fake boobs, more stuff, shopping). Big disconnect!!


Lakita, First of all thank you for your wonderful, grounded remarks about beauty. So seldom do gorgeously attractive woman have well-rounded perspectives on beauty. It is encouraging to see a person like yourself, who is very pretty, speak of a broader sense of beauty. Stunningly attractive woman have, by nature, a broad range influence on society (all the magazines at the grocery store check-out attests to that), so I am grateful to have read your nice remarks. You will remain a wonderful influence on young women, no matter their measure of beauty.


On the surgery front, I was at a restaurant today and two of the three waitresses clearly had implant surgery. Their extremely undersized shirts made us all keenly aware of their abnormally large, unmovable distinctions.

Surgery after a masectomy is clearly understandable, as those I know who have gone through a masesctomy thoroughly understand the desire to have their prior appearance returned, whether they choose to or not. For some women, it helps return a sense of normalcy as they battle the illness. And on that level, the decision to have that surgery is well understood, and I respect it entirely.

But why perfectly healthy young girls take on the inherent risk to morph themselves is bizarre. I was with some guys once, and they were cracking up...I inquired what was so funny, they pointed out a woman who cleary had enlarged herself beyond a normality, "They are like rocks...why do they do that?!" I think grounded, great guys don't want that enormous large, unmovable distinctions either.

We read in history books about the Asian women who broke and bound the feet of their girls to ensure tiny feet. And we see pictures of women whose neck bones are destroyed for elongated necks. In the future, someone will read history books about parents of young girls who put their girl under the surgery knife to have her breasts made bigger.


I think you make a lot of good points and I agree that it is horrible for young girls or women of any age to get breast enhacement surgery.

I just wanted to point out one other reason for surgery. I have a very close friend who is considering breast reduction surgery, because her current size is causing health problems in her back.

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